9 Tips To Become a Self Made Billionaire | Tip 1 | Take Responsibility

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Hi Everyone,

Today I start a new series of motivation articles called 9 Tips To Become a Self Made Billionaire. So in this series, I will talk about awesome tips that you gonna help you to become a self made billionaire.Everyone millionaire or Billionaire have this tips and they continuously practice or applying those tips into his life. So why don’t you gonna get awesome tips for improving yourself.

In this Article, I talk about our first Tip called : [ Take Responsibility ] you know life is too short so why don’t we accept our responsibility and deal with it. Why we always taking easy way to live a life. We start thinking big and start taking incredible ways to live a life.

It is so easy to point fingers and blame others. In fact, today’s world complaining and blaming have become almost fashionable. People seem to enjoy wallowing in self-pity or commenting. ” It is not fair ” . It seems as if they revel in being victims. That is not the way to achieve success. We have to take responsibility for our actions and thoughts. we have to create a brave new world and realise that the onus for a better tomorrow lies with us. A verse that we all learnt when we were kids comes to mind, Its simple message appropriate :

  • Because of the nail, the shoe was lost.
  • Because of the shoe, the horse was lost.
  • Because of the Horse, the rider was lost.
  • Because of the Rider, the battle was lost.
  • Because of the Battle, the kingdom was lost.
    • {And all because of a horseshoe nail }

I the nail to blame? Who is to take responsibility for the lost kingdom? Is success possible for those who pass the buck? I believe that now is the best time in the history of the planet to be alive. Never has there been more opportunity for the ordinary man or woman to have an impact on the world and create change in it.If you had been a woman or a minority member just 50 years ago, It would have been impossible even to pursue your interests beyond the boundaries society imposed on you. The wonderful inventions and technologies of today, the personal computer and the internet, have empowered the individual.

” It is only when you give your consent to something that it becomes your reality.”

Take your life in your own hands, whatever your life may be so far. Accept all parts of it, the good and the bad, as being your creation. For only when you accept responsibility for the whole, can you change a part of it.

Here are three suggestions for you to arrive at a state of responsibility for yourself and your life in totality:

1. Start living in the present tense. Stop dwelling on what happened yesterday. Do not think about what could or should or would have been. Concentrate on what you can do today and what tomorrow can offer.

2. Stop measuring yourself by the standards of others. Be authentic. You don’t have a responsibility to be life anyone else. It is fine if you just be the best that you can be. No matter what you achieve or how often you fail, you will never be the best or the worst. Your life journey is a relative experience. Accept the fact that each of your competitors has strengths and weaknesses. Start with what you have and grow from there.

3. Take Action !! any action. If you do nothing, nothing will change. If you do the same old staff, you will end up with the same old results. The only way to change your situation is to take responsibility and try something different.

Life helps those who help themselves.It’sup to you. If you want to be somebody, If you want to be a success, you will always have to keep in mind that you are the only one who can make it happen. Think Big, Think Positive, and you are already on your way to success. How can failure come to someone who ready to take on the world and accept that he or she alone is responsible for the god and the bad times? [ Keep you Vision Alive ]

Hope you like the first Tip. Next article publish on Tomorrow. So keep your dream alive and grab that your responsibility into your mind and start working on it. !! Bye Bye !!

Thank You !!!
Akash Jaggi !!!

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