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Hi Everyone,

I know that i really don’t know how to give to a motivation lecture.And in office, all are saying that you are very good at to give motivation. Its really natural, Because if i have something that No One have it then It is my responsibility to give you everyone.

So i start writing articles and share my experience with everyone. This article is based on a true incident happens to my uncle that give me little bit motivation. So Don’t waste time lets get started !!!

My uncle is really depressed about what they doing in life.All day long he was going to office and come back with nothing.? Is that really hard to believe ?

No !! Because we know that how company works.They don’t care about how much struggle employees do in life and also they don’t know how to react in front of people.Employees are really do nothing just a puppet you know why ? because Person don’t know about his dream.

Back to the uncle story !!

My uncle was a young manager who came home one day with a bag full of work. His five year old son wanted to play with him but the father said, “Son, i have got a lot of work to do, I am behind in my office.”

The son said,”Dad, when i am behind in school they put me in a slower group.Why don’t they put you in a slower group?”

The father replied,”No Son, it doesn’t work that way in the corporate world.” But the child didn’t understand.He still wanted to play.The father finally thought of a way to keep the child occupied so that he could get on with his work. He had a magazine with a picture of the world on the cover.He pulled out the page and tore it into a number of small pieces, called his son and said, “Son, go put this picture of the world together and when you are done I will come and play.” He knew that it would take several hours.

But within five minutes his son came back and said, ” Dad, I am done.” The man couldn’t believe it till he saw it was all done. He asked, “Son, how did you do it? I need to learn from you.” The son replied, “Dad, it was easy. On the other side of the picture of the world, was he picture of a man. All i did was to put the man together and turn it the other way round and the world came together.”

So the moral of the story is you too can put the man together and the world will come together.

Because children always playing this game !!!

Thank You !!!
Akash Jaggi !!!

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