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Helllloooooooooo Kickers !!!!

It is my first ever Article, i would like to say that you are really cool person who can giving me a chance to write an article about motivations, success, technology, gadget guru  !!!

If you think that i am talking about some deep facts then its wrong , I am simple person lives on a earth. I hate those negative people who always believes to dominating other people.That is why i contact with me inner soul and tell about my past experience then i decided giving me a chance to express my experience with you guys. !!

Don’t Waste Time.. Lets talk about this Topic called :

How to get Self Motivated and Ignore Negative Energy ?

Self Motivated ?

Self Motivation means, We do not need any kind of motivation from outside world. We need a motivation from our inside.All negative people have one thing in common | What ?

[ They failed in life. ]

So don’t take any kind of risk. Always take calculated risk.I love to take any kind of risk in my past life and i failed in almost every situation.But from know i start taking calculated risk.Every time i look into a mirror and ask. How to make money ?

Boys and Girls, I was very wrong about this know why. because if we think about money then we cannot get money. But if we think about our dreams or career then its true my friends, we got lots of money.!!!

How to ignore Negative People ?

I am not sure about your life but this thing will help you to ignore Negative People into your life.

If you find any Negative energy in your success circle. Then you have to deal with it.How ? | let me clear your brain first, Always listen what they talk about and how they react about your decision.

If you getting any kind of negative attitude or negative thoughts then just told them a person that i have to leave right now.because if you do not leave from that point of time then you destroy your dream. Second Idea : Face them and tell the truth about his or her behaviour.

Second Idea its really hard to do in our life but it is most effective way for achieving success in your life.

That’s it for now,I publish an article on clockinterval Everyday. Because i want to help them people who really needs a help about to achieve success. !!

Bye Bye !!
Akash Jaggi

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