Application vs System software | what are the difference between application and system software.

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I am Akash, In this article i am going to tell you about the clear cut difference between application vs system software. Lots of people don’t think about application and system software but they know android application, app store, exe files etc. In Today’s article i am going give basic introduction and difference about these software’s.

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Software is a sequence of instructions designed to direct a computer to perform certain functions. Computer must have access to pre-written, stored programs to input, store, make decisions, arithmetically manipulate and output data in the correct sequence. Software is generally categorized as

System Software :

Consists of programs designed to help the use of the computer by the user. These programs perform standard tasks such as organizing and maintaining data files, translating programs written in various languages to a language acceptable to the computer, scheduling the jobs as well as helping in other areas of computer operations. Most of the system software is available to the user by the manufacturer for example Operating system is a system software designed to manage the resources of computer system such as memory, processor, input, output, and files. Some of the popular operating system are window 3.x, window 98 etc.

Application software

Consists of number of programs designed to perform specific user applications. These programs are either purchased or developed in house for specific applications. Program for preparing and printing employee pay slips is an example of application software. Some specific purpose application packages have also been developed for specialized areas such as Banking, Publishing, engineering etc.

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