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Hi Everyone,

Today is really special day for me, because I find out what is truly about into our Solar System and sorry for keep you waiting for a long time. I was really tired and depressed about my life experiences.

But now I found the fact about life. Life ? What is that ? And where they come from ? , How they come from ? And most Important thing why they come from ?
So In this Article, I am going to talk about《 5 real important facts about Life 》. Don’t waste time , Lets get starter !!!

First of all, before starting talking about facts of life. We have to understand ( what is life ? )

Life is really sweet and awesome moment that given some kind of energy that I explain it later !! We don’t really exits without life. Everything that taken breath that’s called Life !!!

Now you know what is life, Lets talk about 5 facts that we don’t about life !!!

• How life created ?

Life is not created some kind of energy or any kind off things. Because no have courage and power to create a life. Life was only created by brother and sister.

Brother and sister ?

Yes it true, Because brother and sister is a children of god. One day , God thinking about what will one thing that forget about at the time creating a world ? Then children said they will find out what they forget !!.

You know the children name ?

No, don’t worry I tell you , the brother name is Birth, they Sister name is Death and sister friend name is Life.

Its sound quit , interesting that how life created !!

• Second fact , why we need a life !!!

It is really simple fact , that we need a life for live and treekky part is that why we live ? I don’t know some said we have to pray a God and tell them we don’t want to live into this world. We have to come to heaven other are said , God gives a purpose that is why we live , In my perception, we actually accidentally drop it on this universe. We have to go back to god’s house only few of us will find out the way to go back but lots of people don’t understand the path.

We discover the path on Earth to moon, May be in few years we starting living in a moon but its that we want it ? Some of the questions are endless. We don’t know how to find out the Answers ?

• Third fact , How to live a life ?

Life is really sweet and incredible achievement in our whole solar system. We not even imagine how big it is but have to think how we can live a life? Recently, I talk to some old guys who live a life into a Bus stop or bus stand and i asked to him that is you heating your so much, because you don’t get any kind of comforts from any people and No one cares about your health. He giving me an answer and i was shocked!!!

You know what the answer was ?

He told me that, I live my 9 months into my mother tommy at the time pregnancy. It was too small space and no one knows I am truly exits. But god gives me power and love to deal with any kind of situation. That is why, I am not care about what people think and what they believe in I only care about that God loves me and the gives me a power.

• Is that really hard to live without any comforts?

Yes its true, It is really true, !!! But one thing , what kind of comforts they want ? Because lots of people , want money , Attractive life partner , All the luxury items. But God gives us parents our body, Air , water these things in not our comforts list. So first we decided what we need first ?

• Is that we think about fear of death ?

No why? Because life and death is really close best friend. One day they will meet. So why don’t we celebrate at the time life and death meet. Our main purpose is to manage the meeting between life and death. Life is something like we don’t forget but death is thee only way to go to God’s house. So God’s house we will meet birth, life and death. So live your life a heaven. Because life is really important for all of us.

Because children always playing this game !!! Called Time zone !!!

Thank You !!!
Akash Jaggi !!!

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